Unveiling Spring

Unveiling Spring.

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.

As someone who lives with Seasonal Affective Disorder the change from the cold, dark days of Winter to the rich colors and new life of Spring raise my spirits and inspire me. It reminds me that everything is temporary, from the rain that dampened my spirits to the newly sprouted roses in my yard. The colors, the smells, the…newness. For me, this season is a beautiful lesson in impermanence and hope.

What does that have to do with coffee?

I’m having Old Town Roasting join forces with baker extraordinaire Salt & Cinnamon for a Spring Pop Up event at the Artistry House in Santa Ana.
I’ve sourced some beautiful single-origin coffees and Salt & Cinnamon has crafted 3 seasonal treats that pair perfectly with each coffee.

Several weeks were spent sourcing coffees,

experimenting with roast curves and tasting cup after cup (often with a caffeine-induced shaky hand) to find 3 of the best coffees available and present them in a way that will honor their regional and individual flavors.

I then turned to my friend Caitlin of Salt & Cinnamon

and gave her the daunting task of creating 3 original dishes to complement each of my 3 coffee offerings. Apparently, I didn’t challenger her enough, because she not only made 3 incredible pairings, but made them gluten-free to boot!

I will roast each coffee 24 hours before the event

and offer them as part of the tasting experience and as individual pour-overs. You can also purchase a pound of these coffees to take home.

I always love coffee blends,

so I created a custom Spring Blend which will only be roasted once and sold exclusively at this event.

As with all my coffees, each bag will be hand stamped by myself and sold by the pound.


It’s getting warm, so let’s have a cold brew too!

I’ve made a lavender-infused iced coffee which takes 24 hours to cold-brew and tastes like Spring in a cup. Expect lots of sweet, floral notes balanced by a chocolaty undertone.

Also, 20% of our profits will go to the Blind Children’s Learning Center of Santa Ana.

lot of thought, planning and love is going into this Spring celebration and I couldn’t be more excited about it! If you’re able, come celebrate with me from 9am to 1pm this Saturday!

To purchase tickets or get information about the event, please click here.

Thanks for your time. I hope to see you Saturday!

Shawn Anderson
Owner.Coffee Roaster
Old Town Roasting

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